Show Review: Lotus @ Rams Head Live! NYE 12/31/2012


Lotus wrapped up a five night, three city New Years run at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore on New Years Eve. After spending an absolutely amazing evening with Lotus last NYE at Philadelphia’s Festival Pier, the decision to ring in another new year with the band was easy. Despite being lucky enough to see the band three times in 2012, my anticipation for this show was unparalleled. As my crew made our way down to Baltimore on the 31st I expected an amazing show, and that’s exactly what I got.

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Set I: I usually frequent guitarist Mike Rempel’s side of the stage, but after having my face melted off one too many times I decided to check out the view from the left side of the stage for the first set. I grabbed a great spot right in front of Luke Miller’s gear. The band casually took the stage  around ten, as if they weren’t about to play their best show of the year. “Harps” started the night off, setting the tone for a very electronic sounding set. The band didn’t wait long to start getting funky, busting out “Tip of the Tongue” real early in the night.

The first segue-way of the night was a classic Lotus move. First they dropped a funky jammed out version of the old school “Sid”, which they built up perfectly into their solid cover of Mord Fustang’s EDM anthem “We Are Now Connected”. The biggest surprise of the first set came with a very rare “L’immeuble”. This was my first time hearing this tune live and it was incredible! The jazzy “L’immeuble” featured some of the best drumming out of Mike Greenfield I’ve ever seen and really got the crowd going. A perfect seuge into “Jump Off” closed out the final Lotus set of 2012.

Set II: The atmosphere in Rams Head Live! could not have been better as Lotus took the stage again with just ten minutes left in the year. “Spiritualize” started the set off and would lead the crowd into the most epic NYE countdown I’ve ever been apart of. The crowd went absolutely insane as the countdown ended, and what better way to start 2013 than with one of the best versions of “Umbilical Moonrise” I’ve ever heard. Lotus jammed “Auld Lang Syne” perfectly into the middle of “Moonrise” as everyone in the venue celebrated. That was special.

The rest of the second set was hands down the best Lotus I’ve ever seen. The first high energy jam of 2013 was Nomad‘s “Greet the Mind”. “Uffi”, which will be featured on the next month’s Build, followed up. The band kept it old school for the next couple songs, busting out another rarity with “Wooly Mammoth” then going into a mind blowing “Plant Your Root -> Spiritualize”. Jamming back into “Spiritualize” was the culmination of the best block of Lotus I think they’ve ever played.

The super fun “Cannon in the Heavens”, which is a remix of “Golden Ghost” the features rapping from Lyrics Born, kept the crowd dancing. “128” wrapped up the second set and left the crowd begging for more.

Encore: After a second set like that Lotus could have played literally anything and I would’ve been happy. But no, they weren’t satisfied yet, they had to play yet another amazing rare classic. “Colorado” started the encore, and much like “L’immeuble” and “Mammoth”, my first time hearing this song was amazing. The slow, ambient “Colorado” was the perfect way to reflect on the amazing night we all just had with our favorite band, the crowd was in a complete state of nirvana. Lotus ended the night on a fun note with “Bush Pilot”.

Final Thoughts: I was bummed Lotus didn’t pick Philly for NYE again this year, but the trip to Baltimore was absolutely worth it. Last year’s show under the tent at Festival Pier had a real fun festival vibe to it, whereas this year was a much more intimate experience. I was real impressed with Rams Head Live! as a venue; despite being sold out I still feel like there was plenty of room for everyone.

Luke, Chuck, Jesse, Mike and Mike are the real deal. These guys are amazing musicians who care about their fans and give it their all every time they take the stage.

Lotus gets better every time I see them, and this show was no exception. I highly recommend downloading the NYE recording and checking out just how amazing that second set was, totally worth the 10 bucks!

12/31/12 Rams Head Live
Set 1: Harps, Tip of the Tongue, Turquoise, Sid -> We Are Now Connected -> Drums -> 72 Hrs Awake, L’immeuble -> Jump Off

Set 2: Spiritualize -> Count Down -> Umbilical Moonrise -> Aue Lang Syne -> Umbilical Moonrise, Greet the Mind, Uffi, Wooly Mammoth, Plant Your Root -> Spiritualize, Cannon in the Heavens, 128

E: Colorado, Bush Pilot


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